EffiSoft™ – WMS and WCS software

EffiSoft™ – WMS and WCS software

EffiSoft™ will provide you with a professional WMS, which controls your commissioning system through an easy and intuitive operation and it can furthermore optimize and control your product flow in the warehouse and production.   

EffiSoft™ works as an integrated part of the commissioning systems EffiMat® and ClassicMat™. The Software manages the storage and retrieval systems, but it can also be extended to control manual picking locations, conveyors, robots and production. EffiSoft™ WMS is scalable and can be integrated with both your current WMS or function as a completely independent system. If you choose EffiSoft™ as an independent WMS, it will easily become integrated with your existent ERP-system.

Lower the level of costs and increase competitiveness

Warehouse optimization is an important discipline of crucial importance for your company’s level of costs and competitiveness.  The professional EffiSoft™ WMS will give you the possibility to automatize manual ways of working and save both time, space and staff in your warehouse or in the production.

EffiSoft™ WMS provides you with a higher level of efficiency and picking speed through a dynamic analysis of the order structure, the placement of the products and suggestions on the optimal placement for pickings. Your employees will commit fewer mistakes and get less manual handling, while you will get higher flexibility in the order structure, a better working environment and an optimal flow of important information to the management.

Be in control of your warehouse with WMS

EffiSoft™ WMS controls and optimizes your storage and retrieval systems. A professional WMS will give you an efficient warehouse solution, which can analyze your storage and reduce the internal transportation by constantly suggesting the optimal placement in the storage and retrieval systems or another place in the warehouse. You will decrease the search time, remove unnecessary tasks and provide the management and the employees with a full overview and access to the necessary data, which means that the work can be conducted efficiently and without errors.

Your warehouse is digitalized and 100% structured in a system with EffiSoft™ WMS. This means, that you can easily optimize and utilize all of the resources of the warehouse. This results in an effective handling of orders without errors and an optimal utilization of the warehouse.

Why choose EffiSoft™ WMS?

  • Effective management of the product flow in the storage and retrieval systems
  • A better management secures a higher amount of picking and with a better quality
  • Full integration with all ERP-systems
  • A professional way of planning the outward and incoming orders of the day
  • Overview over delivery times, order sizes and stock
  • Lower the costs and increase competitiveness
  • A warehouse management with a control over what has been picked, at what time and by who
  • Save time, space and staff
  • Reduce internal transportation and decrease the time spent searching for orders
  • Barcode scan, Voice and Pick To Light display can easily be integrated
  • A clean status calculations overview

Would you like to know more about EffiSoft™ WMS?

Warehouse optimization is an ongoing process and at EffiMat Storage Technology A/S, we advise you on how to get the most intelligent and effective WMS through a combined solution with commissioning systems, robots, conveyor and a management software, which ties the solution together with your ERP-system.